About Sew Sabina

Site founder, designer and developer is Shana Kesselman

Why Sabina?

More than 70 years ago my maternal grandmother Liba found herself to be the only member of her entire family with the necessary paperwork to flee the Nazi’s and come to Britain. My Grandmother Liba and her sister Sabina together with her little daughter managed to get out of Germany and into Antwerp, Belgium. My grandmother was the only one of her family who had a visa to come to Britain.

When the time came to leave, she was reluctant to abandon her entire family, knowing she would never see them again. It was her older sister Sabina who convinced her to flee the Nazi’s. Sabina quite literally pushed Liba onto the boat from Antwerp. The following day World War 2 was declared and all visas for Britain were canceled. Had Sabina allowed my grandmother to wait even one more day, she too would have perished.

If it would not have been for Sabina’s strength and wisdom, I would not be here writing this. Sabina, her 10 year old daughter and entire family, except for my grandmother, perished.

I named my company after her as a tribute to her and as a reminder to myself and to the world that they might have tried to kill us, but we are here and we are strong. With each challah cover that I sell, my heart sings with joy at the thought of it being used in a Jewish home on a beautiful Shabbat table.

How I Started Sewing

I started sewing when I was 14 years old. My first projects included skirts and shirts. I sewed suits, costumes and even coats. Looking to branch out, I moved on from clothes and made a padded guitar case. It was then that I started to think about all the other things I could create with fabric. Home decor items such as curtains, cushions, tablecloths, bed linen, challah covers and talit bags.

The satisfaction I get from completing a project is worth all the time put into it. Any garment I make will fit me better than anything I could buy in a store but will be made with better quality, more unique fabrics and for a fraction of the price.

After teaching a student from Parsons School of Design I realized that a group sewing class would be a fun, social way to learn a new and extremely useful skill. Browse my site for information on classes and please e-mail Sew Sabina with any questions.