Bernina Artista 730 – Please Check Lower Thread – Error Message

How to solve the Bernina Artista 730 – Please Check Lower Thread – Message

I love my Bernina Artista 730. However, for a while I was getting the error message “Please check lower thread. Please clean bobbin area of lint or stray thread. If bobbin is empty, please rewind bobbin.” I would spend the longest time cleaning it out till it looked so sparkly clean I was sure there was no more lint or stray threads. But the problem would still persist and my embroidery design would stop and I would constantly have to clean and restart it. It turns out I was cleaning the wrong area.

I have found the cause of the problem and would love to share it with you. There is a bobbin sensor that is super sensitive. Please see the picture above. The sensor/lens can be seen just above the word ‘Caution’ on the door to the bobbin compartment. Even the smallest bit of lint or fluff can be enough to cause this particular error message. Clean this area regularly with a tiny, soft brush and your design will stitch out just fine with minimal interruptions!!!

Happy stitching!!!

2 thoughts on “Bernina Artista 730 – Please Check Lower Thread – Error Message

  1. I appreciate seeing your comment on this problem. I have been having the same issue and in spite of repeated VERY careful cleaning of the entire bobbin area as well as the sensor, the machine stops with this error message so often I virtually cannot finish even a small embroider object.

    If anyone has any further information or suggestions I would be ever so grateful!

    • I had the same problem that you describe. I took it to my service man and he fixed it, but after a few embroideries it was back to the same ‘tricks’ with the error message popping up constantly. I didn’t have the time or money to take my machine back to him, so that’s when I started looking for the sensor and when I finally found it, I gave it a thorough cleaning with a tiny little brush.

      If it cannot be repaired at an affordable price, I would turn off the option that displays the messag. That would mean you have to be near the machine when it embroiders so you can check that it is actually embroidering.

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