How to make a Scrunchie

Knotted Cushions - No Sewing Machine Needed

Supplies needed for each knotted cushion:

Instructions for knotted Cushion:

first 3 instructions for knotted cushion
  1. Now would be a good time to decorate the pillow. Have the girls cut shapes out of different colored fleece fabrics. If desired, use ribbons, bows, patches, buttons etc. They could even cover their own buttons.
  2. Place one piece of fringed fabric on the floor, wrong side facing up.
  3. Place pillow form on top, in center.
  4. Place second piece of fringed fleece fabric on top, right side up.
  5. Here comes the fun part - it's simple. Take first fringe part from bottom fabric and double knot it with the first fringe of top fabric.
  6. Continue knotting top and bottom fleece layers together, till all openings have been closed and pillow form is securely sandwiched between knotted fringe.

Enjoy your new pillow!