Sewing Supplies

Supplies needed for your basic sewing kit

See image at right, clockwise from top

  • Fabric scissors
  • Flat along one edge to aid cutting on a flat surface
  • Seam ripper
  • The most handy tool in your kit!
  • Needles for hand sewing
  • Get an assortment of needle sizes
  • Tape measure
  • In centimeters and inches if possible
  • Tailor chalk
  • I find the pencil variety a pain as they constantly need sharpening
  • Dressmaker pins
  • Not to be confused with general purpose pins, or quilting pins or any other type

Sewing notions needed for sewing classes

Where can I buy supplies?

Listed in order of preference.

Central Fabrics in East Orange is reasonably priced, with a nice selection of fabric and notions and they are extremely helpful. Visit Central Fabrics' web site to print a 10 percent off coupon.
I've Got A Notion in Upper Montclair has a nice selection of notions, patterns, machines and some fabrics. They also do repairs and general maintenance on your sewing machines.
Fabricland in North Plainfield is a large store with a nice selection of fabrics, trims etc. They are also an authorized Bernina dealer, my machine of choice.
Thanks to the generosity of various fabric producers, my sewing pupils will be able to choose from my selection of donated fabrics for their first few projects. If you would like to donate fabric for my sewing class please contact me.